Thankfulness – of course!

It’s the week to be thankful…

I took time a few weeks  back to list many of the things I am thankful for. Now I’ll ask you, what are you thankful for? Food to eat, clothing to wear, family, animals, shelter, friends, God…

We didn’t have Sunday School last week so I’m sure many of you might be surprised to see a blog post. Well, I still have a lot to say so I thought I’d do a short update for this week. I also strongly believe in consistency and developing good systems and good habits. So, take a minute to read below and then go enjoy your family and your yummy thanksgiving food and I’ll see y’all next week sometime!



Remember to make yourself a note to bring potatoes to Sunday School on December 6th. The Men’s Club will be making their famous latkes and they can’t do it without potatoes!

Non-perishable food items – Remember that we need canned chicken tuna, ramen, & mac and cheese for the food closet. Also, if you raise chickens or have prolific gardens, we have families who would appreciate fresh produce or eggs.

Donations – As the end of the year approaches, and you are making your last minute charitable donations, consider donating to the religious school scholarship fund and/or the educator discretionary fund. We have a lot of kids who want to go to camp and this money helps us to get them there.


Hanukkah Items – The TOR gift shop has a large selection of Hanukkah items available for sale. We have candles, dreidels, gelt, menorahs, serving dishes, little gifts, lots of stuff. This week there is a table set up in the foyer so you can see everything that the gift shop has to offer. Consider supporting TOR and do your Hanukkah shopping here!

Friday, December 4 – 10:00am Gan K’tan – Mommy/Daddy and me program where we celebrate Shabbat. This week we will have fun with dreidels in preparation for Hanukkah.

Friday, December 4 – 6:45pm Family Shabbat – Join our 1st grade class as we celebrate Shabbat with the TOR community.

Sunday, December 6 – 4pm to 6pm – TASTY Bites Hanukkah Party – Our junior youth group (6th and 7th grade) will celebrate the first night of Hanukkah with games and nosh.

Sunday December 6 – Sunday, December 13 – Hanukkah! (The TOR gift shop has everything you need for Hanukkah, from candles to menorahs, dreidels and gelt)

Friday, December 11 – Hanukkah Shabbat – Bring your menorah and light the candles with your TOR family at our 6:45 Shabbat Service.

Saturday, December 12 – Loco for Latkes TASTY Hanukkah Party – 6pm to 9pm – (For grades 8-12) – Teens should bring a $10 gift card for our gift exchange game.

Sunday, December 13 – Hanukkah Celebration – During religious school from 9am to noon we will have games, crafts and treats in celebration of Hanukkah.

Religious School Update

I’ll update you this week on last Wednesday’s Hebrew School

4th/5th grade

After Tefillah, the class ended up in a great discussion about the challenge of being Jewish and the different commandments that God wants us to live by. Specifically they talked about kashrut and some of the dietary prohibitions many Jews follow.

6th Grade

In February, the sixth grade class will be participating in our first Friday Family Shabbat service. The Torah portion for that week is Mishpatim and is largely made up of laws and ordinances that God gave to the Israelites as they wandered after fleeing Egypt. At the end of this parshah however, we see God reveal himself to Moses and a few other men. This week, the class discussed the images of God and what they think of when they think about God. What does he look like to them? Then they looked at 100 different names of God that are found in the Tanakh. Over the next few weeks, the students will choose a name for God that has meaning for them. They will then create something that shows that meaning. I am really looking forward to the results of this project. Powerful stuff!

7th Grade

This week, we had a short meeting with the parents and students of our Bar/Bat mitzvah class. In summary, we went over the various supports that are in place for the students to experience success. We discussed what to expect when it comes to speech preparation and Carol and Paul discussed ways to study and come prepared to class. We then expressed our frustration with the chattiness of the class and appealed to the students and the parents to support us in this endeavor by curbing the talkative behavior. This class is made up of wonderful kids who really like each other – which is great! Unfortunately it results in disrespectful behavior as the students are not stopping their conversation when it is time to work or time to listen to  and support their peers in the learning process.