Making Time to Make New Friends

Hello Everyone!

I hope that all is well with you. I was sad to not attend, but it looks like everyone had a fun time at the Hava Havana annual fundraiser on Saturday. The sanctuary was transformed into a festive venue complete with palm trees and mojitos! Thank you to everyone who helped make that evening a success and to those who came and helped us raise money for this awesome temple. You are appreciated!

I want to issue a challenge this week – and over the next four weeks before Purim. My challenge to you: find one family within our religious school community that you don’t really know very well, and schedule a get together. Meet at the park, go out to dinner, host a family game night, go miniature golfing… something, anything. Expand your circle of friends to include someone new. We have to be intentional in some of the ways that we build our kehilla here at TOR. It is easy to continue to spend time with the people who we’ve known for years. But consider the new families who have joined us in the past months of even the past couple of years. Let’s be active in drawing them in to our kehilla. My goal (my hope) is that on Erev Purim (March 23), you might plan to meet your new friends at our fabulous Dr. Seuss Purim Spiel. Have dinner together, share some laughs and ultimately create a new connection for you and your new friends. Try it out!

++++++ Announcements++++++

Wednesday, February 24 – Hebrew School at 6:30

Saturday, February 27 – Bat Mitzvah of Aliyah Carrillo. Mazel Tov Aliyah!

Sunday, February 28 – Purim Spiel Practice – 12:15 to 1:30 (There is still room for more players! Come join us!)

Sunday, February 28 – TASTY Bites Board Game Party – 12:30 to 2:30. Grades 6 and 7, join your friends for some board games and pizza. RSVP to Eden

Sunday, February 28 – TASTY Social – 3pm to 7pm – come have fun with your friends, relax and watch a movie, munch on snacks and play games. RSVP to Madeline, Eden or Emma.

Passover Chocolate Sales – Each year, we provide our community the opportunity to support the religious school by purchasing kosher for Passover candy. Sales will run from February 24 to March 6. Also, there will be an online option if you have family out of town who would like to support us as well. More details will come in a separate email.

Mitzvah Project Help Needed – For her mitzvah project, Eliana Chaiken has been volunteering with a large cat rescue center in El Dorado Hills. She is looking for donations of canned wet cat food for a portion of her project. If you are able to provide a donation, she will be collecting from March 6th to the 13th. Thank you!

We have 3 Challah Kits left! Make fresh challah this week! Pick up an easy to make challah kit for only $10!

Purim is coming to TOR!

Sunday, March 13 – Purim Carnival from 9:30 to 12. Carnival games, bounce houses, hamantaschen, concessions, and prizes. $12 per child.

Shalach Manot Baskets – available for pick up from Friday, March 18 to March 23 – more information to come.

Wednesday, March 23 – Annual Purim Dinner and Spiel – 5:45pm. Dinner is $5 per person, $20 per family. Don’t miss this evening of fun and silliness, Dr. Seuss style!

++++++ Religious School Update ++++++


Ms. Eden was the teacher this week in the PreK/Kinder class. Their lessons this week focused on blessings. They learned about the Shema blessing, said before bedtime and made a Shema pillow case to use at home.

First Grade

Efrat’s class learned two new Hebrew letters this week, Pey and Tzadik. Ask your child if they remember the word for butterfly (parpar) or bird (tzipor). Next, the students learned the story of David and Goliath and how David became the king of Israel and built the city of G-d, Jerusalem. They learned many different names for Jerusalem, City of G-d, City of Peace, Jerusalem of Gold, City of David. Efrat has a lovely book that shows a cross section of the city of Jerusalem during different time periods, from the time of David, through the Romans and the Greeks, eventually to the present day. The students then made their own picture of the city of Jerusalem.

Second and Third Grade

The second and third grade class is the next to be featured for Family Shabbat in March. In the Torah right now, and through the next few weeks, we are learning about the building of the temple and the items that were found within its walls. Erica’s class studied the temple and created drawings showing the special sacred items found within. Be sure to come to Family Shabbat on March 4th and see what they have created. If you have a second/third grader, ask them about the inside of the Tabernacle. Have them explain what they learned.

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Elana’s class has been exploring the V’ahavta, learning its text and discovering the meaning behind it. This week they connected it to Jewish Disabilities month and participated in a trust walk around the campus. Veahavta Lreicha Camocha is the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. In participating in the trust walk, students had to not only trust their peers but also be aware of how their actions might affect their peers.  They then thought about ways they can create a positive experience for their friends and family through a “warm fuzzies” activity. Ask your child about how they felt during the trust walk. Was it difficult? Did they peek? What warm fuzzies did they come up with?

Sixth Grade

The sixth grade class explored the meaning of the prayer, modeh ani. They then learned about famous singer, Barbara Streisand. This week, the parents participated in an orientation meeting for their student’s upcoming bar/bat mitzvah. In class, the students reviewed the major elements of the service and the different honors/roles played during the service.

Remember that the orientation manual is now linked online on this website. Click on the appropriate page above to access the different sections of the manual. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Seventh Grade

This week, the seventh grade class participated in the Family Shalom program, learning about the characteristics of healthy relationships. Parents also had the opportunity to engage in a discussion on ways to help their teen navigate relationships and dating. We are so thankful for this program, provided by NCJW.