Enjoy your break!

Hello Everyone!


So, how many of you came out for the Pancake Breakfast last Sunday? It was so fabulous! Aliyah and her crew raised more than $540 for our school! It was great to see the seventh grade class helping out and the pancakes were delicious! Thank you to the entire Carrillo family, the seventh grade class and especially Aliyah for making all of this possible. And thank you to everyone else who came out, donated money and ate all the delicious food! Another amazing mitzvah project success!!

I hope that everyone will enjoy their long weekend and their break from school. I look forward to seeing my Sunday crew on February 21st, all rested and ready to learn!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Announcements ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The rest of February is jam packed with things happening at TOR!

Wednesday, February 10 – Hebrew School at 6:30pm

Friday, February 13 – NO Gan K’tan this week. I’ll see all my littles on February 19th for some Challah baking!

Saturday, February 13 – Taste of Torah at 10am in classroom 1 – for ages six and under.

Sunday, February 14 – NO Sunday School – enjoy your President’s Day break!

Wednesday, February 17th – Hebrew School and Teen OR at 6:30pm

Saturday, February 20th – Hava Havana Annual Fundraiser at 6:30pm – get your tickets today! $45/pp or $80 per couple

Sunday, February 21st – Sunday School Resumes

  • Family Shalom – “Love Shouldn’t Hurt program” for seventh grade class
  • Family Shalom – “How to Help Your Teen Have Healthy Relationships” program for parents of 7th graders.
  • 11am – Bar/Bat Mitzvah orientation meeting for parents of sixth grade students

Sunday, February 21st through Sunday, March 6 – Annual Passover Chocolate Fundraiser

Saturday, February 27th – Bat Mitzvah of Aliyah Carrillo. Mazel Tov Aliyah!

Sunday, February 28th – Jewish Disability and Inclusion Awareness Program during religious school.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ School Update +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


It was a busy day in the PreK/Kinder class this week! The kids learned about King Solomon and made paper plate crowns. They sang songs with Carol and the 1st grade class. They also painted some beautiful clay saucers for coasters to add to our auction baskets for the Hava Havana fund raiser.

First Grade

This week, Efrat’s class learned the letters Samech and Ayin. They also learned how to write the word love (Ahavah) and heart (lev) in Hebrew. Ask them how to say “I love you” in Hebrew. (Ani ohev ot’cha) They made a beautiful little “Jewish Valentine” with construction paper hearts and tissue. Efrat then told them the beautiful story of Rabbi Akiva and Rachel. You can read this story here:¬†http://www.bje.org.au/learning/judaism/kids/stories/akiva.html

Second/Third Grade

We had another lovely day of learning with the parents this week. First, the students worked with Erica on their Hebrew, had music with Carol and discussed what they thought of when they thought of G-d. At the same time, the parents had a time of learning with Rabbi Rabishaw on the topic of Teaching your children about G-d.

In the last hour, the parents joined theirs kids and went on a sort of scavenger hunt, looking for things that remind them of G-d around the temple. They talked about what G-d means to them. Hopefully the day brought up lots of great questions and answered some of them as well!

Fourth/Fifth Grade

Elana’s class has been exploring a new way of learning Hebrew. Ask your student about it! Ask them which story they have been reading “in Hebrew!” They’ve found very creative ways to make letters using their bodies. And, they’ve begun looking at the Yotzer Or prayer and decoding some of the words. This class also enjoyed music with Carol and spent time sewing some beautiful felt coasters for the Hava Havana auction baskets.


Sixth Grade

The sixth grade class has been spending time learning all of the vocabulary of the synagogue in preparation for next year’s season of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs! Last week they had their bimah experience with Rabbi Rabishaw and this week Barry reviewed the terms they had learned. The class also worked a little on their coaster project for the auction – woodburning!

Remember that this group really needs to be practicing their Hebrew and working on their prayers nightly. On Wednesday, Lisa will be focusing a lot on reading and pronunciation. The nightly practice will create amazing results not only in their reading but in their confidence and comfort level in the class.


The Bar/Bat Mitzvah orientation meeting will be Sunday, February 21st at 11am. Please make sure at least one parent is in attendance. This meeting is EXTREMELY important.

Seventh Grade

Our remaining seventh grade students (not already Bar or Bat Mitzvah) worked with Avi on their prayers during the first half of the morning. They were then joined by the rest of the class (Megan, Riley and Sebastian) for their discussion time with Art. Hopefully you all saw the most recent email from Art. Please make sure to reply to him with the date that works best for your calendar so that he can schedule the kids to lead a Shabbat morning service together.

Next class, the seventh grade will participate in the Family Shalom program. All seventh graders should be in attendance.