Cleaning out the cobwebs

With Purim behind us, and Adar II coming to a close, we look ahead to what is next. The month of Nisan begins on April 9th and brings with it Passover (first night is April 22). Just as Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of a new year and an opportunity to start fresh, Passover brings with it another opportunity to refresh, clean out, start new. It’s a time when we clean out our pantries of chametz and clean our houses in preparation for Seder guests, maybe we can also take a moment to clean out the clutter from other aspects of our lives.

The central theme in the Passover story is that of redemption. G-d redeemed the Israelites who were slaves in Egypt. He pulled them out of a negative situation and gave them a place to go, with a set of instructions to live by. This redemption was not only a physical one, but also a spiritual one. G-d didn’t just compel Pharaoh to let the Jews out of Egypt, only to leave them destitute in the wilderness. He provided them with guidance and direction through Moses and Aaron, he provided food and water to sustain them, and he provided them with spiritual direction in the gift of Torah on Mt. Sinai.

As we prepare to celebrate Passover this year, I challenge you to think about the areas in your life where you may need redemption. Do you work too much? Are you addicted to technology? Are you overly concerned with your appearance or your status in life? Let’s all take a moment to clean out some of those cobwebs that keep us from seeing those things that entrap us. This Passover season, how can we be liberated so that we can live lives that are fuller and richer in health, community, happiness, thankfulness, peace…

+++++++++ Announcements +++++++++

Wednesday, March 30 – Hebrew School at 6:30

Friday, April 1st at 6:45pm – Family Shabbat featuring the Seventh Grade Class

Saturday, April 2nd – Bar Mitzvah of Ben Schwartz – Mazel Tov, Ben!

Passover at TOR

April 3 at 3:00pm – Annual Women’s Seder – reservations were due by March 27th. Contact Janet at to see if there is still space available. This is a wonderful way to celebrate Passover early with the lovely ladies of our congregation.

April 10 from 12pm to 2:30pm – Passover Faire (formerly the Chicken Soup Cookoff). Join us for a chicken soup lunch and stay to sample different varieties of charoset and Passover desserts, create a fun craft for your Passover Seder table, and have a great time with your TOR community. Cost is $18 per adult, kids are free. A separate email will come with specific details. We are looking for delicious Charoset and Passover Dessert recipes for our tastings! Let Mary know if you have something fabulous to contribute!

April 17 – School-wide Passover Celebration – Each class will participate in their own Seder during religious school. I need two parents per class to help coordinate this effort. Please email me if you can help with your class.

April 23 at 6:30pm- Second Night Passover Seder at the Sacramento Marriott in Rancho Cordova. Call the temple office for details. (916)988-4100

Have a great week. See you around the Temple!