Tashlich for the Turtles

tashlichWe had a beautiful Rosh Hashanah on Monday and Tuesday. It was so wonderful to see everyone at services both Sunday evening and Monday morning (some of you I saw on Tuesday as well). As I’ve told you all before, I love this time of year. The feeling of renewal, the returning to God, the starting over – fresh – new. We also had a lovely time celebrating the Birthday of the World at our Tashlich at the American River.

Prior to moving back to California in 2012, my family and I lived in Houston, Texas. There was a lovely little stream called Oyster Creek where we would do Tashlich as a family. The stream had turtles and occasionally an alligator in it, all ready to chomp up our sins. My children, much younger then, showed concern for the turtles. “What will happen to them when they eat our sins?” “Will it make them sick?” I assured them that our sins would not adversely affect the cute turtles and (less cute) alligators that inhabited the creek. On Monday, I assured them again that the fish and geese that enjoy our bread offerings will go on as healthy as before, if maybe a bit fatter for it. 🙂

But it does beg the question, how do our sins and missteps affect our health? There has been much research done to suggest that carrying guilt and stress can cause some people to have quite a variety of health problems. I know that for me, if I feel guilty or I have done something to harm someone else, I carry that very heavily with me. It makes me sad, it affects all aspects of my life. I don’t eat well, I get depressed, I stop exercising, I feel awful. When I apologize or do what is needed to make things better, I immediately start to feel better. Not everyone is like me. But here is my challenge for this week – do Teshuvah. Now is the time. Admit your mistakes, ask for forgiveness, begin the process of pulling yourself up out of that emotional sticking place. If you need help, ask for it. You have an incredible community of people here who are ready and willing to help you to be the best and most AWESOME JEW that you can be. It’s up to you.

L’Shana Tovah Tikatevu! May you be inscribed for a good year

++++++++++++++ Announcements ++++++++++++++

Wednesday, October 5 @ 6:30 – Hebrew School and Madrichim Training (madrichim training is for all madrichim who work in classrooms with students)

Wednesday, October 5 @ 6:30 – Planning meeting for Annual School Fundraiser (in the library)

Friday, October 7 @ 6:45 First Friday Family Shabbat – featuring the 3rd grade class

Sunday, October 9 @ 9am – Sunday School

Tuesday, October 11 @ 6pm – Family Kol Nidre Service in sanctuary

Tuesday, October 11 @ 7:30pm- Congregational Kol Nidre Service

Wednesday, October 12 @ 10am – Yom Kippur Service with Children’s program  in the classrooms. Ages 2 1/2 through 4th grade.

Sunday, October 16th @ 5pm – Erev Sukkot Program – please note, there is no Sunday school in the morning on this day.