G’mar Hatimah Tovah

western-wallThe High Holy days hold different meaning for different people. For some, it’s a time of obligation – these are the days when you have to go the shul. For others, it holds a particular beauty – new melodies, special torah covers, different services. Over the past few weeks, I’ve laid out a few challenges for our community. Choose to be authentic, choose to belong, make the choice to do teshuvah. Now, Yom Kippur is here. The ten days of awe during which the book of life is open, are coming to a close. Tomorrow, we communally repent for our missteps and mistakes and we make a commitment to do better, to be better in the coming year.

I am hopeful. I am excited about what this year will bring for our community, for our school, for our youth, for each and every person that Temple Or Rishon touches. My excitement comes from the vision that our leadership has for this community. It also comes from the knowledge that each person reading this blog is truly interested in making sure we have a place where adults and children alike can learn and engage Jewishly. So, here is my final challenge (for the month of Tishrei, that is) – be involved. I know, that sounds a lot like belonging. But in this case, it’s different.You can belong to a community without really getting involved. I want you to actively engage in making sure this kehilla is everything that it can be. That means I want to see you at Nehilah with your children tomorrow night. I want to see you at our super fun Erev Sukkot celebration on Sunday and Simchat Torah on the 24th. I want to see you at our Pasta and Paint school fundraiser on December 10th. I want to see you at family Shabbat and tot Shabbat and Hanukkah Shabbat. You’re probably getting tired of hearing me talk about engaging with our kehilla. Some of you are getting it. You see how being involved makes everything better. Some of you might need to hear it a couple more times. 🙂 Making Temple Or Rishon an amazing and valuable part of your life is not something that I, or anyone else, can do for you. You have to be a part of this dream and work with me to make it a reality.

How will you be involved?

G’mar Hatimah Tovah– May you be inscribed for a Good Year in the Book of Life.

+++++++++++ Announcements +++++++++

Today, I am just including announcements pertinent to the week ahead. I will provide an updated post on Thursday with a summary of this past Sunday’s school happenings.

Tonight, Tuesday, October 11th

  • @ 6pm – Kol Nidre Family Service – with Rabbi Rabishaw and Cantorial soloist, Carol Gunnerson – in the sanctuary.
  • @ 7:30pm – Kol Nidre Service

Wednesday, October 12th

  • @ 10am – Yom Kippur Services – Children’s program for students grade 4 and under.
  • Please see your High Holy Day tickets and information for mid-day service times
  • @ around 5:45pm – Nehilah – the final service for Yom Kippur. Bring your family back to hear the final blowing of the Shofar and join us for a break-the-fast celebration in the courtyard.
  • Please note: there is NO HEBREW SCHOOL tomorrow night

Friday, October 14 @ 10am – Gan K’tan in room 1.

Sunday, October 16th

  • @ 9am – Dads, join the Men’s Club to build the Sukkah
  • @ 5pm – Erev Sukkot Celebration – we will have dinner, pumpkin crafts, sukkah decorating and horse drawn wagon rides. Please RSVP to the evite you received. You are asked to bring a side dish to share.