Odds and Ends

Each week, I really try to provide everyone with some food for thought. But sometimes, there is so much going on that I need to just give you some important facts for the week ahead. So, forgive me for the laundry list, but here are my odds and ends for the week.

  1. T-Shirts – If you are interested in a Religious School T-shirt, please email me your order intent by Friday at the latest. I will not be ordering extra shirts, so if you do not pre-order, your child will not be able to participate in the Tie-Dye event on December 4th.
  2. Raffle Baskets – Each year, as part of our school fundraiser, we ask that families contribute to raffle baskets. Each class has a themed basket assigned to them. Click here to see which basket your class is collecting for.
  3. Annual School Fundraiser – December 10th from 5 to 8pm– This is our major fundraiser for the school. It is a family oriented event and I really hope to see all of you there! Please make sure to RSVP and send in your payment by December 4th. Click here for the link to the Evite. If you have questions, wish to help, or would like to sponsor the event, please contact me! mary.frank@orrishon.org

+++++++++ This Coming Week +++++++++

Wednesday, November 16th @6:30pm – Hebrew School and Teen OR

Friday, November 18th

  • @ 6pm – Tot Shabbat
  • @ 6:45pm – Shabbat Services featuring our Teens

Sunday, November 20th @9am – Religious School

Wednesday, November 23rd – No Hebrew School

Sunday, November 27 – No Religious School

++++++++ Religious School Update ++++++++


Our youngest students spent a lovely Sunday morning at the Folsom Zoo. They were able to see tigers, bears, peacocks, wolves and many other animals. This ties in to the earlier Parshat, Noah. It is fun to see all of the incredible animals that God has created.

1st/2nd Grade

This week, we had another really neat art lesson. The students are learning about the story of Adam and Eve and part of that story is B’tzelem Elohim, being made in the image of God. They created incredible self-portraits with liquid water color and crayon. Be sure to check out their artwork in the lobby.

The class also learned three Hebrew letters this week, Bet/Vet, Gimmel and Dalet. Ask them about the word they created with those letters.

3rd Grade

Our third graders are continuing to learn about B’tzelem Elohim. This week for their art project, they made an origami eye that opens and closes. Ask them about the connection to the overall theme – that the eyes are how we see people and can symbolize how God sees us.

4th/5th Grade

This week, our 4th and 5th graders learned more about about B’Tzelim Elokim. They also studied more Hebrew, specifically the Havdalah prayer. Each student was able to do the prayer and explain it’s meaning. Ask your child what the prayer means and see if they can recite it for you.

The class has also started getting ready for Hanukkah, and talked about the Menorah. Tomorrow night they will practice more of their conversational Hebrew and learn a little bit more Israeli dancing!

6th Grade

Barry’s sixth grade class discussed the weekly Torah portion, Vayera and the meaning of Lecha Adonai. They also practiced the prayer for putting on a tallis. Ask your student about their learning this week. The following questions can help guide your discussion.

  1. In the Torah portion Vayera, why did Sarah laugh when she was told she was going to have a baby?(Sarah thought she was way too old)
  2. How does the Tallit represent the 613 Mitzvot? (The Tzitzit letters add up to 600 + 8 strings and 5 knots = 613)
  3. What does the word Chanukah mean? (Rededication)

7th Grade

Our 7th grade students worked with Avi and Michele on their prayers. They then had a discussion with Eden (our youth director) about kashrut. They learned more about what makes food kosher (or not) and reflected on their own understanding and beliefs.