No School on Sunday!


Before I get started, here is a quick reminder that there is No School this Sunday, October 1st. Please enjoy your Sunday with your family!


I have to say, I am so excited about what is happening here at TOR religious school. Sundays have been so much fun for the kids and running smoothly for me. So smoothly in fact that I got to teach a class this past week. I love doing that because it keeps me connected to the kids. I remember there were times last year when I was helping to set up the room for a substitute and it made me realize that I really miss being in the classroom with the kids. Watching as they learn, seeing them connect with the material, being present as they ask the important questions and challenge each other for the answers.

This week, I was working with the 2nd and 3rd grade class. We were doing an art project to decorate the sukkah. They were so creative as they painted wooden pictures and strung beads to hang from their masterpieces. It was fun!

Each one of our kids is an amazing little (getting bigger) human with incredible ideas to share. At tefillah, the Rabbi likes to get the kids involved, asking them what they are thankful for, asking them why it is hard to say “I’m sorry” and sometimes difficult to forgive. They had beautiful insights: you feel guilty for what you’ve done; your feelings are hurt and you are mad; you might be embarrassed… Isn’t it funny how we as adults find it difficult to apologize and to forgive for the exact same reasons!

As you work through the rest of this week, remember that we are in the days of reflection, repentance, teshuvah. This is the time to reflect on the past year, think about whether we have people to apologize to or to forgive. Spend a few moments to free yourself of those emotional weights. Make a point to start fresh this new year. Turn from the possible pains and hurts of the past and resolve to begin anew.

I hope to see you at Kol Nidre and/or Yom Kippur services this weekend. If nothing else, bring your family at 5:45 for Neilah and the final sounding of the shofar. Let that clear strong sound seep into your soul for a new year of community at Or Rishon!

+++++++++ Announcements ++++++++++

Tonight – Wednesday, September 27 – Hebrew Tutorials and Seventh Grade Hebrew Class; everyone grades 4-6 should have their tutorial time. 7th graders will meet with Paul from 6:30 to 7pm.

Tomorrow – Thursday, September 28 – Hebrew Tutorials

Friday, September 29 – Kol Nidre

  • Family Service at 6pm – join us! It’s a wonderful family appropriate service.
  • Evening Service at 7:30pm

Saturday, September 30 – Yom Kippur

  • Morning Service at 10am – Children’s Program for ages 3yrs – 4th grade
  • Afternoon Service at 1:15 – aliyah for all madrichim during 2nd Torah portion
  • Yizkor Service at 5:15
  • Neilah Service at 5:45 followed by break-the-fast potluck

Sunday, October 1st – NO SCHOOL! However, Men’s Club is having their bagel breakfast, putting up the Sukkah and resetting the sanctuary. It would be amazing if they could have some help. Please consider coming by in the morning.

Wednesday, October 4th – Erev Sukkot Celebration 5:30pm to 7:30pm. This will be super fun with hayrides, activities and dinner. Click Here to RSVP.

Thursday, October 5th – Temple Office Closed – 1st day of Sukkot

Note: There are no Hebrew Tutorials 10/4 and 10/5 or 10/11 and 10/12

Wednesday, October 11th – Simchat Torah at 6:45. Join us for singing and dancing with the Torah! We’ll unroll the scrolls and roll them back to the beginning for a new year then finish up the evening with sweet treats!

++++++++++ School Update ++++++++++

PreK/Kindergarten and 1st: This week, all of our littles spent the day together, singing with Ms. Carol, participating in tefillah, creating decorations for the Sukkah and learning about the holidays.

Shalom Learning – Grades 4 and 5: Minerva was our guest teacher this week for Shalom Learning. The students talked more about teshuvah and how we make it right when we have done something wrong.

Hebrew – Grades 4 and 5: Students in Ms. Karen’s class reviewed the letters they learned last week, practiced writing in their notebooks and added a new letter (mem and final mem). They did a scavenger hunt looking for letters around the room and played a game where they challenged each other to identify letters quickly. As the students being tutorials this week, the content of the two classes will start to separate as the 5th grade begins to move ahead in their fluency and decoding skills. Please make sure your student is practicing outside of class. There are games in the Useful Links section above that are great for practice.

Ms. Erica’s 2/3 Grade and Special Topics Class: Erica’s class is also learning about forgiveness and different times when we need to apologize or forgive. They are beginning their alef bet instruction as well. The 4th graders come to Erica for the last session of the day where they are working on problem solving with different scenarios in Israel. Ask them about what problem they solved this week!

Mr. Barry 6th Grade and 5/6 Special Topics: In Barry’s special topics class, the students divided into groups and chose topics that they will research. You will receive a special email invitation to attend class when the groups are presenting their projects. The 6th grade class began their reading of 10,000 children, a book that contains the stories of children who experienced the holocaust. For Hebrew, they discussed the Ein Kamocha and why the Torah is a precious gift for the Jewish people.

Seventh Grade: Our seventh graders helped to lead the morning blessings and other prayers during tefillah this week. They worked with Avi on their Hebrew practice and discussed the Torah with Art. Additionally, the received a preliminary introduction into the creation of the class Wimple. Each student will have a 10×10 inch fabric square to decorate for the wimple. Rachel Silber will be available to discuss the project at the mandatory parent meeting on October 8th (you should have received a separate email regarding this meeting). The initial square will be provided. All quilt squares will need to be completed by October 22nd. Squares should reflect the personality and values of the student.