What are you waiting for?

The year is officially in full swing. Kids are waiting for report cards at school, we’ve found a good rhythm at religious school, we’re planning our carnivals and fundraisers, we’ve established our schedules.

whats importantSo I have a question… what makes you get involved in something? For those who help in your child’s public school classroom, why do you do it? What motivates you to lend a hand, to share your expertise, to have your voice be heard? I want to know what leads you to participate in something…

I participate in things that provide value for me. If something brings me joy or fulfillment, I tend to focus my energy in that direction. I want that program or organization or activity to continue and I want other people to experience the benefits that I experience from it. That is why I serve on the board of a local non-profit arts organization. That is why I work for and with Temple Or Rishon. So, why do you do it? And how do you decide where to place your focus, time and energy?

I’m asking because I am genuinely curious. I’m also asking because there are some really great things happening at TOR and we are on the cusp of creating something new and amazing and valuable for our future. I want you to add your voice to the conversation. I want your fingerprints to be with everyone else’s on the campus that we are dreaming of. I want you to bring your ideas to the table and to tell everyone why TOR is valuable to you.

When? Where? How? I’m so glad you asked!!!

Congregational Conversation – November 5th at 10:30am. Your kids are already here, we are talking about future plans that will affect them as they grow up in this community, come tell us what is important to your family! If you can’t join us Sunday, be a part of the conversation online with our Google Group.

Mitzvah Network Seminar – November 7th at 7pm. There are so many ways to be a part of our caring community. Join us on Tuesday night as we talk about the opportunities that exist and think of new ways to help others.

Family Shabbat – December 1st – Bring your family and join us for Shabbat at 6:45pm.

School Fundraising – Your tuition dollars do not cover all of the expenses of running our religious and Hebrew school programs. If you find value in what we are doing here, be a part of our planning committee for the annual school fundraiser. Email Mary to participate – mary.frank@orrishon.org

Get involved. You are needed. Your opinions are valued. What are you waiting for?

++++++++ Announcements ++++++++

Wednesday, November 1st – 6:30pm to 8pm: Whole School Hebrew Session (all 4th – 7th graders – pizza provided); Teen OR

Thursday, November 2nd – no tutorials (this is a whole school week – come on Wednesday instead)

Friday, November 3rd – Gan K’tan at 10am; Shabbat Services at 6:45pm

Saturday, November 4th – TASTY Formal Dance (Harry Potter Themed) at 7pm. $10 in advance, $15 at the door.


  • 9am – Religious School
  • 10:30am – Congregational Conversation
  • 12:30pm – TASTY Bites trip to Apple Hill departs (returns at 4:30)
  • 1pm – Or Rishon Women Luncheon at Lotus 8 – Please RSVP to Deanna Stilwell

Thursday, November 9th – Rosh Chodesh at 7pm – Ladies, come for a wonderful program – bring your daughters!

++++++++ Religious School Update ++++++++

PreK/Kinder – Ms Laurie’s class learned about the 7 days of creation this week! They also enjoyed music with Carol.

Shalom Learning – 4th and 5th grade is continuing to learn about what it means to be made in the image of God. The 4th graders talked about being happy with who they are as individuals and understanding that God made us all unique and special. The 5th graders discussed what being made in God’s image might look like for people with different abilities or handicaps.

Hebrew – Our 1st graders are learning more of the alef bet and are learning to sing the alef bet song. The older classes are forming words from the letters and letter/vowel combinations that they have learned so far.

Special Topics – Erica’s special topics class finished up in Eilat, creating posters about how pollution is damaging the coral reefs. Barry’s class discussed more about the Jewish Calendar and are learning about the Heros of ancient Israel. Remember that this class is wokring on group projects as well. Although they are given some time in class to work together, they also need to do some research outside of  class on their topics.

6th and 7th grade Hebrew – In 7th grade, we have begun dividing the students into smaller groups for individualized tutoring on Sundays. Avi works with the students and they get the benefit of a private lesson for at least 20 minutes during the morning. In Barry’s class, they are talking about the meaning of the prayers and this week familiarized themselves with the Tanach and discussed the connection between the Prophets and the Haftarah.

Make sure your kiddos are practicing their Hebrew at home between classes. It really does matter and helps them to improve. Let me know if I can be of assistance.