Falling into Fall

give-thanksThe temperature is cooling, the leaves are turning, we feel that crispness in the air each morning. This time of year always brings me great energy. I love the weather, I love the thankfulness that starts to ooze out of everyone, the smiles on kids faces, the fluffy sweaters, the hot chocolate, the crackling fires, all of it!

As we enter this time, let’s find ways to help our children be thankful and begin to see the need and potential for helping in the world. Last night, my daughter Miriam had a girl scout meeting. We invited my cousins, Josh and Lacey Hilliard, to present about their non-profit organization – First In Relief for Evacuees (F.I.R.E.). They provide supplies and relief for anyone who has been evacuated due to natural disasters. Lacey talked to the girls about what they do and how incredibly important their volunteers are to the success of their organization. Over the past two years, they have helped thousands of people effected by fires and floods in Northern California. Just this past weekend, they delivered a semi-truck of hay to a high school in the Napa area for more than 200 horses who have been sheltered there because of the fires. There are so many different ways for us to help those in need. If we can’t give financially, we can give of our time. This fall, let’s fall into the many different volunteer opportunities that are available around us.

Orangevale Food Bank

Placer County Food Bank

Volunteer Match for Placer County

First In Relief for Evacuees – F.I.R.E.

Project Linus

There are so many more! If you have one to share, please do!

+++++++++ Announcements +++++++++

Tonight – Wednesday, October 18th – Hebrew Tutorials from 6 to 8pm; Teen OR and 7th Grade B’nai Mitzvah class at 6:30pm

Tomorrow – Thursday, October 19th – Hebrew Tutorials from 6 to 7:30pm.

Thursday, October 19th – Rosh Chodesh at 6:30pm (great Mother/Daughter option)

Friday, October 20th – Tot Shabbat at 6pm; Regular Services at 6:45pm

Sunday, October 22nd – Religious School at 9am; PreK/Kinder Field trip to Folsom Zoo

Wednesday, October 25th – Hebrew Tutorials from 6 to 8pm; 7th Grade B’nai Mitzvah class at 6:30pm

Thursday, October 26th – Hebrew Tutorials from 6 to 7:30pm

++++++++ School Update ++++++++

PreK-Kinder: Our youngest learners explored the story of Noah this week in preparation for their upcoming field trip to Folsom Zoo. Please take a moment to go onto the Folsom Sanctuary Zoo website http://folsomzoofriends.org/ and look at the animals with your child. We’ll be talking about them when we go on Sunday. Remember that we are meeting at the zoo at 9:30am.

Shalom Learning and 1st Grade Judaics – Our 4th and 5th graders are exploring the topic of B’tzelem Elohim (being made in the image of God). One class read from Bereshit about God creating Adam, and how God is reflected in our own lives. Students also learned the term “in the image of God” to mean that each person is valuable.  Students realized that it is the responsibility of each person to recognize the humanity of every person and to try to help them and alleviate their suffering. The first graders talked about Simchat Torah and learned why we celebrate this special holiday.

2nd/3rd Grade – Erica’s class is also learning about B’tzelem Elohim. We discussed and explored Torah and other Jewish texts that relate to the subject of B’tzelem Elohim. We started with the text in B’reishit, discussing what the Torah means when we read these specific words. We then moved to a midrash that describes another interpretation of the idea of the divine image. As the lesson progressed, we explored from within. What makes
each student unique and special? How are we as individuals created to be like God? How are the members of my family special?

Special Topics – Grade 4 – Our 4th Grade special topics class visited Tzfat, focusing on the arts and micro-calligraphy.  Students picked a symbol representing Judaism and wrote a Hebrew prayer inside of it.

Special Topics – Grade 5/6 – Barry’s special topics students have divided into teams and are busy researching their topic for their presentation. When they are finished, we’ll have an opportunity for parents to come see them present their projects!

Hebrew – Grade 5: Students continue to add letters to their list and formed words from all of the letters they have learned so far. This week, they played a sight word game, competing against their peers to see who can read the fastest. Grade 4: Also adding letters to their lists and forming new words. They played an Around the World style game reviewing the letters they’ve learned and competing for speed! Grade 1: Our 1st graders are also learning new letters. Morah Karen has them explore the room in a scavenger hunt looking for the new letters they’ve learned. They talk about English words with sounds that are similar to the alef bet letters they are learning as well.

Grade 6 Judaics and Hebrew: Barry’s class is continuing to learn about the children effected by the Holocaust as they read 10,000 Children. In Hebrew, they explored what Zion, Torah, Jerusalem actually means and why we rise when the ark is opened and what we sing from the book 4 of 5 Numbers.

6th Grade Parents: It is important that your student has a Hebrew tutor who can work with them during the week. This can be an older sibling, family member or friend who can listen to them as they practice. If you need suggestions of who is available, please let me know.

Grade 7: After working with Avi, the students spent an hour or so on their Wimple creations. This coming Sunday is the final week to work on their squares.

7th Grade Parents: It is INCREDIBLY important that your student is working on their Hebrew for a minimum of 1 hour per day. All of the prayers are online under the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Prayers tab above. Please hold them accountable for their studies.