Help Wanted!

So much great stuff is happening at Or Rishon. Just this past week, we had our preK/Kinder class go to a farm on a field trip. 4th and 5th grade worked on their Family Shabbat project and made some amazing artwork to show you. We had a temple fundraising meeting happening in the library and a membership meeting happening in room 7. Carol led the kids in some great singing while our bagel crew were prepping the morning snacks. It is during these times, when I see kehilla growing in our congregation, that I can’t help but smile and be so excited for the future. Read below for some updates on what is going on as well as our weekly snapshot of our classrooms. If you haven’t been sticking around on a Sunday morning, maybe you should start! I would LOVE to see EVERY family participate in some way with at least one of the major events we have happening in the month of November. Even if you are only able to help with preparation or donate items, nothing is too small. Get involved!

We had a large number of students absent this past Sunday. While I completely understand that our kids are busy and we have many things going on in our lives, it really is important that they are here every Sunday. Please do your best to make Religious School a priority on Sundays.


Wednesday, October 21 (tomorrow) – Hebrew School! Please make sure your kiddo is here by 6:30. If they would like pizza and have not already signed up, please email me. Pizza will be here by 6:10pm.

Wednesday, October 21 (tomorrow) – Teen OR @ 6:30! Last month, the group had a great discussion about friendship and what makes a good friends. This week they will continue the discussion and delve deeper into the nuances of lasting friendships. If your teen is not already registered for Teen OR, IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Come on Wednesday for an opportunity to learn and grow with your friends.

November 4 – 15 – The Annual Book Fair – This year we have a great selection of children’s titles from Kar Ben Publishers, a collection of books we feel are essential for every Jewish home, and some wonderful bargains as well. This is a great opportunity to get some of your Hanukkah shopping done early! If you are interested in helping with the Book Fair, please contact me.

November 6 – Family Shabbat – 6:45 – Featuring the 4th and 5th Grade class. Join us for a wonderful Shabbat service with a beautiful presentation by our 4th/5th grade class.

November 8 – Family Challah Bake – 3pm – 6pm Have you reserved your challah station yet? If not, make sure you call today! Only $36 for everything you need to bake 2 beautiful and delicious loaves of challah. Plus, music, dancing, raffle baskets, refreshments, and a challah taste test! What a bargain for a great afternoon of fun! To help with this great event, visit our VolunteerSpot site at:

Challah Taste Test – Do you have a challah recipe that you know is top notch, award winning, the best? Then enter it in the challah taste test! All you have to do is submit your recipe (to share), bake and bring two loaves of your challah to the Family Challah Bake, and let the congregation be the judge! Fabulous prizes are up for grabs. Call or email me to enter your recipe today!

November 16 – Havdallah, Dessert and Discussion with best-selling author Gina Nahai – 7pm Join us for a lovely evening with Gina Nahai as we round out our annual book fair.

November 16 – 6pm to November 17 – 8:30am – TASTY Super Hero Lock-in at TOR – Calling all TASTY teens! Don’t miss this great night of fun, games, movies and food with your TOR friends.

Religious School Update

Please note that for each class, I have indicated the raffle basket that the class is responsible for compiling for the Family Challah Bake Raffle. A flier was also sent home with your child on Sunday. It is not expected that you yourself necessarily donate the items for the basket, you are encouraged to ask local businesses for donations as well. If you need a letter from TOR for soliciting donations, please let me know. Thank you for helping us make the fall fundraiser a success!

PreK/Kinder Class

This week the PreK/Kinder class went to the Rickey Ranch Pumpkin patch! They got to go on a hay ride and pick out a pumpkin as well as see some fun farm animals, all of which were definitely on Noah’s Ark!

IMAG0024 (2)Next week, the class will start taking the class mascot, Matok home for adventures. Matok will come with his own backpack, and a selection of books to read. In addition, there will be a little notebook for the kids to draw or paste a picture and describe their adventures with their new friend.

This class will be donating items for the Cooking/Baking Themed Raffle Basket

1st Grade

This week in first grade, the students learned about the letters Bet, Gimmel and Dalet. They had fun creating words with these letters combined with last week’s letter, Alef. Ask them to show you their t-shirt creation and see if they can tell you the word that is displayed on the front of the shirt. (beged – cloth)

Next, the students learned about Noah’s Ark and the promise of the rainbow. They made a cute ark craft with paper plates and added little animals to the inside.

As you spend time together this week, have your child tell you about the different Hebrew words they know that start with the letters they have learned. Ask them if they remember the names of the colors. Finally, have them retell you the story of Noah’s Ark and the promise that God made following the flood.

This class will be donating items for the Hanukkah Themed Raffle Basket

2nd/3rd Grade

This class has really come alive in learning their Hebrew letters and vowels. Erica has them rotating through centers and completing different engaging activities with both her and the fabulous madrichim Emma, Lily and Amy. This week they also discussed what it means to talk to God. How do we talk to God? How did Abraham talk to God? Is it difficult? How can we ask God for help when we need it? This class is currently working on learning the Barechu.

As you continue through the week, ask your student the following questions:

  1. What sounds do these letters make Alef, Bet, Kuf, Shin, Tav, Yud
  1. Your student came home the Barachu-Have them recite it with you.
  1. What are some ways we can ask G-d for help?

This class will be donating items for the Chocolate Themed and Movie Night Themed Raffle Baskets

4th/5th Grade

This week, 4th and 5th grade began to learn the parsha, Chayei Sarah (the death of Sara). This is the torah portion for their Family Shabbat, coming up on November 6th. The students created some absolutely gorgeous mosaic posters, depicting the different parts of the story. See Sara’s email for other important announcements for this class.

This class will be donating items for the Health/Fitness Themed and Toy Themed Raffle Baskets

6th grade

Wednesday: On Wednesday, the class developed their Hebrew skills and learned more about the meaning of the prayers surrounding the Torah service. They also began to discuss torah portion, mishpatim – the parsha for their Family Shabbat Service in February.

Sunday: This week the 6th grade class spent time working through their prayers with the help of Eden and their two Madrichim, Gabe and David. They specifically discussed the following prayers:

Avot v’Imahot asks G-d to watch over us like he did with our patriarchs and matriarchs

The G’vurot praises G-d’s kindness and compassion.

The Kedushah prayer declares that G-d is holy and we praise G-d’s glory and greatness.

Birkat Shalom asks G-d to grant peace to our people and to the whole world

Before music with Carol, the students read again from Night and Ten Thousand Children. They discussed what it would be like to be separated from their family and not see their parents for many years.

Please make sure your student is diligently working on their Hebrew practice nightly.

This class will be donating items for the Family Game Night Themed Raffle Basket

7th Grade

Seventh Grade worked again with Avi and our madricha, Ilena, on their Hebrew prayers. In addition, Paul came by and he and Carol assessed the progress of the students individually. Over the next week, please expect to see a study plan come home with your student. It is of supreme importance that your child take their Hebrew study seriously. We cannot stress enough the impact that daily practice has on their level of proficiency and overall preparedness for their Bar/Bat mitzvah. If you have any specific concerns, please contact either myself or the Dalet teachers, Avi and Paul.

This class will be donating items for the First Aid Themed and Camping Themed Raffle Baskets

Again, thank you for your support of our education program. We are working hard to provide engaging activities and lessons for your children. I hope to see more of each of you as you participate in the many things that TOR has to offer.

Have a great week!